Clinical Cannabis Review Hearing Update

The Florida Department of Health has authorized an application for a clinical cannabis card for a man that is terminally sick with an incurable disease. As a representative of the Florida Medical Marijuana Program for United States, I was able to go to the hearing for this terminally ill male.

There is no question that obtaining a doctor's approval is one of the most crucial steps in obtaining a medical cannabis card. The United States Department of Health and also Human Services acknowledges that the state legislation that licenses a program licensing the use of cannabis for the treatment of signs connected with a patient's serious and life-threatening health problem may be subject to change. At the hearing for the terminally ill client, we heard statement from various medical specialists who indicated that a physician must not be the only court of just how to analyze the dangers and also benefits of the medical cannabis program for United States.

Another witness likewise testified that a cannabis card for a terminally ill individual must be based upon standards that are also applicable to various other qualified individuals who have gotten a referral from their physician. He referred to my work as well as said that a doctor can not claim to understand what is best for an individual and then refute them the capability to get a medical marijuana card based upon that doctor's very own individual opinions.

Another witness testified that physicians should have the possibility to think about various other options, such as smoking or making use of vaporizers. He discussed that in instances where a patient's medical professional does not believe that clinical marijuana is required, she or he might be bound to report that client to the Florida Department of Health.

My associate and also I heard a checklist of objections from client supporters as well as participants of the Florida Medical Marijuana Program for United States. In action to the arguments increased by these advocates, our team informed the hearing that a representative of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) attended the hearing in support of an individual with a terminal illness that is being refuted a clinical marijuana card.

Also at the hearing, we heard from a patient who testified that he is being denied a medical cannabis card since his medical professional thinks that eating marijuana would interfere with the all-natural healing process in his body. He mentioned that there are trustworthy, non-medical sources that support the positive impacts of utilizing cannabis. In reaction to that statement, our staff noted that the medication approval needs of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) state that marijuana is a Schedule I regulated substance which is considered to have "no currently approved medical usage."

It is my opinion that the approval procedure for the Florida Medical Marijuana Program is as well long, too complex, as well as is doing not have enough evidence that the cannabis program works. We will require added study prior to we provide extra licenses to physicians who wish to recommend medical cannabis to people.

Two members of the Board of Medicine, Richard D. Lisa, MD, MPH, Chairperson; as well as Leslie A. Sandler, MD, MPH, Vice Chairperson; chose that it was ideal to adjourn the hearing. I want to thank all those who affirmed at the hearing as well as offered aid to the doctor that assisting the terminally sick client to acquire a clinical cannabis card.

I will continue to seek the growth of medical marijuana doctor naples fl access to medical marijuana in Florida. I invite your comments and also contributions to the online discussion forum set up to help with ongoing conversation on this problem.


This issue has the prospective to aid hundreds of people experiencing terminal disease. Please do not hesitate to call me at Dennis J. Murphy, Esq., or Call me at 352-542-3050 to talk about the matter additionally. I want to say thanks to every one of you for your input as well as thoughtful consideration.

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There is no uncertainty that acquiring a doctor's authorization is one of the most essential steps in obtaining a clinical cannabis card. At the hearing for the terminally unwell person, we listened to statement from many clinical experts that testified that a medical professional must not be the only judge of just how to assess the risks and benefits of the medical marijuana program for United States.

At the hearing, we heard from a person who affirmed that he is being refuted a medical marijuana card due to the fact that his medical professional thinks that eating marijuana would interfere with the natural recovery procedure in his body. In action to that testament, our staff noted that the medication authorization requirements of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) state that cannabis is a Schedule I managed material which is regarded to have "no currently accepted clinical use."